Nanakuli High and Intermediate School Performing Arts Center's Journey to Scotland

Follow the adventures of the Nanakuli High and Intermediate School Performing Arts Center's Journey to Scotland and the 2011 Fringe Festival.

We will post updates as we prepare on this once in a lifetime experience for cast and crew.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thoughts from NPAC Member: Alice Lapinig-Montira

I'm homesick! I miss London and Scotland. 

I finally woke up from this dream and realize that that chapter of my life is done and that I can take the memories I created and hopefully share it with others. I'm going back to the past where I've changed within two weeks. The two weeks I've been with the Nanakuli performing arts center also known as NPAC, getting up real early, going through airports, security, customs, plane rides, bus rides and a train just to get to our destination has been nothing but busy and feeling the energy as excitement ran down my body. 

Even then when we got to our destination that the feeling of excitement had never left my soul because there was no time to waste. I had to live every moment every chance I had and just enjoy that I'm on the trip living a blessing that I never thought could happen to me. 

It's wonderful how things in life works. I could see my unrealistic dream becoming more of a reality to me each moment I spent on the journey with NPAC. The more and more time I spent with them living this dream together experiencing this opportunity we all shared had made my perspective on things change including in myself. 

One is believing that dreams do come true when you work hard for it and that anything is possible with faith. The NPAC did work hard for 14 months doing performances, fundraisers, rehearsals, and any possibilities we could think of that will help us get one step closer of being prepared for London and especially Scotland and our performance at the fringe. 

However being able to perform at the worlds largest festival have never crossed my mind that it was real until the first show we did.

Thoughts from NPAC Tour Member: Laura Manuel

Gosh has it only been a week since I was in the UK? It’s amazing how much an opportunity can either pass you by or take you places and situations you may have on dreamt about it. 

14 months ago I visited Robin Kitsu one morning before the career day at Nanakuli High School. It was there Robin informed me of the news that Nanakuli High and Intermediate Performing Arts Center (NPAC) was invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. All I could think about is how extremely proud and happy I was for NPAC to not only represent the community and the State of Hawaii but also the United States of America.

The months of fundraising, planning and anticipating could not even prepare any of us for what would happen on this 2 week journey. The moment we all stepped on the plane I just felt like our lives were about to change and it did. 

Once we arrived in London everything happen so fast but we embraced everything from the sightseeing, shows and workshops. We had many surprises along the way but it never held us back. We instead found other facets to get through the situation and accepted all that was brought before us. 

Once we were in Edinburgh it was sensory overload not in a bad way but an exciting way because we witnessed very diverse performing entities. It was amazing how performers would show case their production on the Royal Mile and it was then that I realized the endless possibilities not only for NPAC but for us as well.

Opportunities arises all the time is what you do with it will make you the person you can and want to be. I had a few set backs on this trip but I managed to make the most of it. I didn’t think I could hike up Arthur’s Seat but I did. I was blessed to be a part of NPAC’s Journey to Scotland. 

Thank you NPAC for allowing me to accompany you on this journey and for enabling me to be a part of the NPAC family. I’ll never forget this once in a lifetime trip and the many friends I made along the way. Yes and that includes you Roy and Glenn…thank you to for documenting the journey.

Thoughts from NPAC Member: Talitiga Ulufale

As I sit down in this heat it finally hits me and I realized that its over; the trip was over and now its back to the real world.  but as I sit back and think aboout London and Scotland and the amazing opportunity that I got to experience and I realized that this was more then just a dream come true, this was experience that went beyond any group or any one person.

I think about all the sites and history and stories and the memories and the people, I say to myself (tali you did it you went and experience and loved every second of it I didn't know how bad it was going to hit me till now realizing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that for some one like me wasnt going to come back around and im happy that I took it when it came.

And I found out a lot aboout myself that no matter where I go as long as I'm myself people are going to like me and if needed I can take on a leadership role and that i have a great sense of direction and never get lost that it doesn't matter if your a samoan or from a bad school or bad home or bad backround that opportunities are out there and if you take them when they come around they can change your life forever like how this trip has change mines.  Cause I now know that i have this special bond with these 23 people that only we share and that only we truly understand.

I'd like to thank all the people that help us get there and all the people that came on the trip and made it an amazing trip.  I couldnt have asked for better people to share it with and I'd also like to thank Mr and your family and npac for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience that has touch and change my life forever.

The most amazing trip from start to the end it just kept getting better man I miss the cold...I realized that for a lot of my npac family this trip was your last time with us as you move on with your lives.   I'm sad and yet in a way I'm happy cause I know that no matter where our lives take us we will always have this trip and all our great memories and I couldn't have ask or found a better way to say goodbye to you all than with a trip of a lifetime.

Till we meet again thank you and love you all ...once npac your npac forever and we always come back.........