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Monday, May 9, 2011

Week in Review, May 7, 2011

by Shaylene Curtis, NPAC cast member

This week was nothing short of amazing. On Wednesday we had the pleasure of getting to work with Cassie, Paloma, and Wayles of Liz Lerman's Dance Exchange program. Man, did they get us to move! The cast had an incredible time. They taught us different techniques of choreographing. I, personally, learned that choreography is feeling, it is emotion. We went around in a circle and said things that were "on the inside" of us or "on the outside". We took some of them and then turned it into a routine. We even took someone being hungry and wanting curly fries and turned it into a dance move! I didn't know that was possible! Cassie, Paloma, and Wayles gave us rejuvenating compliments that made us proud to be.. Well, us! 

On Friday, we were all set and ready to go and hold signs to remind people to drive safely, graduate safely, and celebrate safely. The weather was so unpredictable, and half way down Nanakuli Ave., it started POURING!  I have never felt rain coming down so hard!  We booked it back up to the school, but we didn't get out of that dry.  If you went into the girls bathroom after this, you'd probably crack up.  A bunch of girls, including myself, decided to kick it in the bathroom.  It was surprisingly the warmest place in the building! 

Saturday. What a glorious day. Jamie and Scott's wedding.  I have never been so overjoyed, tired, excited, drained, and ecstatic.  All at the same time! I was so honored to be a part of something so wonderful. We were all teary-eyed watching (and filming and taking pictures of) the ceremony.  Despite the uncontrollable weather conditions (and MUD!!!) there was a great turn out of their family and friends.  Our performance was SO MUCH FUN! One number we performed, "Feeling good", was Alice and I's first time being in that number.  We hadn't really rehearsed that much and we were SO nervous!  But everything turned out all right and we had a blast!  The "Banzai" was hilarious!  We all participated with our Pepsi's and Sierra Mists. Mr. Kitsu made a beautiful slideshow, which we all sang along to. Then... There was dancing! We were all delirious by this point and the men stole the floor with "Single Ladies".  Us girls we so unbelievably jealous.  But Deja got it back with her Michael Jackson moves.  Our bus came a while later and it was back home to Nanakuli for us! 

Wow, was our week packed. I know I had a blast! :)

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